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One of the advantages of using an STP broker is that they offer tight spreads with minimal markups, which can lead to cost savings for the trader. Dukascopy was founded in 2004 in Geneva, Switzerland and operates under a Swiss banking licence, regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). They are an excellent choice for highly experienced traders thanks to its JForex platform suite which offers flexible trading platforms, industry-leading trading tools and market research and analysis. They offer a wide variety of services and features for both beginner and professional traders.

As a locally-based FMA-regulated forex broker, BlackBull Markets offers the best forex trading platforms and the lowest spreads. With a low minimum deposit starting from NZ$200 and superior customer service, we recommend this broker to New Zealand forex traders in the intermediate to advanced trading bracket. They receive orders from traders and then forward them to liquidity providers, which can be banks, financial institutions, or other brokers. STP brokers do not have a dealing desk, which means they do not take the other side of their clients’ trades.

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They do not have to worry about crucial news releases and unexpected adverse movements in market prices. As a general rule, market makers who set their own buy/sell prices, have it easier when dealing with volatile market conditions compared to quieter periods. The ECN model offers several other advantages from the perspective of retail traders, including lower spreads, faster execution of the orders, improved liquidity, and price transparency. The ECN also enables financial institutions to decrease their overall costs because it reduces manual effort.

stp vs ecn forex broker

Instead, they act as intermediaries between traders and liquidity providers, such as banks and hedge funds. When a trader places an order with an STP broker, the broker will pass the order to the liquidity provider offering the best price. ECN brokers make their money by charging a small commission on each trade instead of widening the spread. This commission-based model ensures that the broker has no conflict of interest with the traders and that they are incentivized to provide the best possible trading conditions.

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Liquidity refers to the ability to buy or sell an asset without causing significant price movements. In the forex market, liquidity is crucial, especially for traders who want to execute large orders. ECN brokers aggregate liquidity from multiple providers, ensuring that traders can always find a counterparty for their trades. They are sent directly from the trader to different liquidity providers in the interbank markets without any intervention from the brokers. Traders’ orders are filled at better prices because they have direct access to the interbank market.

stp vs ecn forex broker

Having traded since 1998, Justin is the CEO and Co-Founded CompareForexBrokers in 2004. Justin has published over 100 finance articles from Forbes, Kiplinger to Finance Magnates. He has a Masters and Commerce degree and has an active role in the fintech community.


It is also important to consider other factors when choosing a broker, such as regulation, customer support, and the range of trading instruments offered. Regulatory oversight ensures the safety of your funds and protects you from fraudulent activities. Reliable customer support is crucial, especially if you encounter any issues or have questions about your trading activities. Finally, having access to a wide range of trading instruments allows you to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of different market opportunities. The forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world, with an estimated daily trading volume of around $6.6 trillion. It operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, allowing traders from all over the world to participate in currency trading.

  • RoboForex is recognized as an STP (Straight Through Processing) Forex broker, offering traders direct access to interbank liquidity.
  • Requotes occur when the broker is unable to execute an order at the requested price and offers a new price instead.
  • Instead, they have diverse partners, ranging from market makers, other brokerage firms, or even similar STP brokers.
  • With their head office in Sydney and multiple awards in the industry, they have expanded internationally.

They make the trading platform available on desktop, webtrader, and all kinds of smart and mobile device. They also provide additional features due to their collaboration with Blue Labs to enable some premium trader tools add-ons. Their focus on customer service is where HotForex really began to gain traction in the market. Operating as an STP broker, FP Markets aims to provide traders with competitive pricing, minimal slippage, and access to deep liquidity pools. This setup typically results in tight spreads and efficient order execution, enhancing the overall trading experience for clients. By operating as an STP broker, IC Markets aims to provide traders with competitive pricing, minimal slippage, and access to deep liquidity pools.

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While STP brokers offer many advantages, traders should be aware that they may encounter higher trading costs compared to market-maker brokers. Additionally, some STP brokers may require higher minimum deposit amounts or have fewer account types available. Therefore, Dukascopy Bank is often referred to as a hybrid broker, combining elements of both ECN and market maker models. This hybrid model aims to provide traders with competitive pricing, fast execution, and access to deep liquidity while also offering additional services and features. An STP broker will send the orders directly to its liquidity providers (banks, market makers or other brokers) for processing when the client trades, without human intervention. Liquidity providers are generally able to conduct forex transactions at a higher level, directly connecting to the interbank market.

stp vs ecn forex broker

When a trader places an order, it is directly passed through to the broker’s liquidity provider, ensuring faster execution and potentially tighter spreads. Less work is involved when it comes to risk management since an STP broker merely passes its traders’ orders to its liquidity providers. The STP system sorts out the buy/sell prices from the best to the worst and then applies the mark-up. Respectively, if the liquidity providers increase their spreads, the STP broker would respond by widening theirs with a larger markup.

Professional traders average between 8% to 15% per year, while some achieve two to three times that amount. Therefore, start with what you feel comfortable with, and grow your portfolio until the balance can support what you try to earn. It is usually a multi-year process, but those who remain committed to it can frequently enjoy the rewards the Forex market has to offer. The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) remains the sole regulatory body with oversight of the domestic Forex market.

stp vs ecn forex broker

For example, if you’re interested in social trading or copy trading, you’ll need to look for a platform with integrations like ZuluTrade or DupliTrade. The FMA ensures that financial institutions in New Zealand comply with applicable Bitcoin And Crypto Faucets Listing rules and regulations and operate transparently. BlackBull Markets is also authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in Seychelles (“FSA”) under license number SD045 for the provision of investment services.

Their focus has always been on creating an environment that is user friendly with a platform that is easy to use and still has all the bells and whistles you need as you grow in trading skill and competence. The platform features are well displayed with easily customizable charts and layouts. They also make available a host of market forecasts, hosting webinars on trading strategy and updating their Forex educational library. They offer a range of different platforms from a Direct Market Access platform, Web Trader and MetaTrader4.

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AvaTrade offers 55 different Forex currency pairs and crosses, including some exotics, 17 commodity CFDs, 20 equity indices, 14 cryptocurrencies, and CFDs on 500 individual stocks and shares. They are also one of the few brokers that offer trading on option products on Forex. Different trading platforms offer many types of trading accounts, including
low-spread accounts and standard-spread accounts. Beyond that, there are higher-level accounts,
but in this article, we focus on these two types. To better understand these two
account types, investors need to understand why the platform offers them. In
fact, ECN and STP are not originally the names of accounts but rather the names
of order processing modes.

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